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At Tumey IP, we work as a collaborative partner with organizations of all sizes from universities and start-up companies to regional and major international corporations.  We work to understand the businesses of our clients as well as their visions for future success, which allows us to provide not only legal but also strategic representation.  With a large international practice and many clients based around the world, we provide our clients with valued expertise on their United States based matters as well international matters in any market.

Tumey IP was established more than ten years ago.  Based in Houston, Texas, we are one of the only IP boutique firms with an office also in The Woodlands/North Houston area which is home to many new and expanding energy, healthcare, and professional services corporations.  We have remained a small firm with deliberate growth to enable Tumey IP to deliver the focus and passion that is often not practical for a larger law firm. 

As a result of our success, Tumey IP has been accorded media recognition by Acquisition International as the 2016 IP Practitioner of the Year in the U.S.A.  Acquisition International has also recognized our firm as one of 2017’s Ones to Watch in Law.  Corporate Vision magazine has also named our firm in the 2017 Legal Excellence Awards as the Best Law Firm 2017 in the U.S.A.  We have also been distinguished by American Lawyer Media as a Go-To Law Firm by Fortune 500 Companies. 

Individually, Tod Tumey has been named by Corporate Vision magazine as the 2016 Partner of the Year for the U.S.A.  Corporate Vision magazine has also named Tod Tumey in the 2017 Legal Awards as the Most Outstanding Managing Partner for the U.S.A.  In addition, Corey Tumey and Ross Flynt have been named as Top Lawyers in Houston for 2016 by Houstonia magazine. 

Tumey IP works with our clients to maximize their legal resources.  We understand each client’s needs and budgetary resources.  We offer alternative fee arrangements ranging from partial and full contingent fee arrangements on matters such as litigation, licensing, and asset sales to equity shares in lieu of fees.  

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